“Ukraine will definitely be strong, independent and sovereign. The greatness of any nation begins with history, culture and economy. Let’s revive them together! «

Prikhodko D.V.

Kredo Capital Group is an innovative digital broker. We work in the stock, foreign exchange, commodity, commodity and other financial markets, providing our clients with world-class service on more than democratic terms.

The company was founded on 02.07.2012 in Kiev. The founder and ideological inspirer is Dmitry Vasilievich Prikhodko, a student and later partner of Ray Dalio.

Having built a successful career at Bridgewater Associates, Dmitry decided to open a financial and investment company in his home country. By that time, he had gained enough experience and had the means to implement this idea.

Today Kredo Capital Group is one of the most successful companies in the former CIS and Europe with an annual turnover of $ 13 billion. The AA (A-2) rating assigned by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services confirms this fact.

Kredo Capital Group works not only with private clients. The broker’s list of competencies includes servicing large banks, hedge funds, and other corporate clients from the first tier.

Formation history
2012 — foundation of the company, obtaining a broker license from the NBU.

2013 — obtaining a special permit from the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, joining the OPUFM.

2014 — opening of representative offices in Moscow (person CBR) and Minsk (person NBRB).

2015 — launch of the affiliate program.

2016 — opening of a representative office in Astana.

2017 — the launch of the KCG Mobile Trader mobile application.

2018 — entering the European markets.

2019 — obtaining the IFSC license.

2020 — partnership with Europe’s largest hedge fund Man Group.

In just 8 years, Kredo Capital Group has achieved a lot, but we are not going to rest on our laurels. The main task of the company is stability and systematic growth of the welfare of our clients. We are doing everything to solve it as efficiently as possible, regardless of external factors, and we will continue to do so.