Bonus Policy

This set of rules exists in English and Russian. If there is an inconsistency between the two versions, the information specified in the English version is crucial.

1. This Bonus Program is valid for:

1.1. Kredo Capital Group, hereinafter Kredo Capital Group or Company

1.2. An individual with an active trading account registered with the Company (hereinafter “Trader” or “Client”), provided that this individual has not refused to participate in the loyalty programs and bonus programs of the Company.

2. The trader agrees to carefully study the Company’s Bonus Policy before receiving a Bonus or bonus, as well as before registering with one of the Bonus Programs of the Company.

3. Bonuses provided to a Trader by the company are not mandatory. A Trader’ failure to take bonuses in no way affects the interaction between the customer and the company. By accepting bonus funds the trader obligated to use all/partial amount in his trading activity. All accepted bonus funds (amount involved in client’s trading activity) shall be returned back to the company per each withdrawal request initiated by the trader. In order to return back the bonus funds the client shall perform a financial transaction to his trading account with a credited amount equal to the bonus funds. The bonus return will be considered as “accepted” while the following sections are met:
1) reimbrussment of the bonus funds carried out by a financial transaction to client’s trading account using the same bank details (e.c. credit card/bank transfer) used previously while deposited funds.
2) Customer documents status- verified (KYC)

Withdraw from traider’s deposit account is only available since the total transactions volume reached 10000 times the accepted bonus amount.

4. The composition and conditions of each bonus or promotion, as well as other special offers for Clients, are developed by the Company. At the same time, the Campaign itself selects Clients to offer a particular bonus or develops conditions upon which any Trader who is a Client of the Company can take advantage of bonus or equity benefits. Bonuses and promotions are offered to all selected Traders on the same terms. Before using the bonus or offer on the offer, we strongly recommend that the Trader carefully read all the conditions and characteristics of the offer. By accepting a bonus or registering for a promotion, the Client declares his consent to this Bonus Policy, which is binding on the Trader throughout the entire bonus activity period.

5. Using bonuses and agreeing to promotional offers, the Client also declares that he is familiar with the possible financial risks associated with trading and understands that using bonuses or promotional offers without trading experience can lead to losses – both as a loss of the accrued bonus and to the loss of the Trader’s own funds deposited to his trading account with the Company.

6. The company has the right to offer different terms of bonuses and promotions for different countries and different target audiences.

7. The client does not have the right to sell and transfer bonuses received to third parties. Promotional and bonus benefits relate to a specific Trading Account and under no circumstances can be attributed to another.

8. Bonuses and promotions use the currency corresponding to the currency of the Client Trading Account.

9. The company has the right to determine the validity period, conditions and restrictions of bonuses and promotions. In case of non-compliance with bonus and promotional conditions on the part of the Client, the Company has the right to cancel the offer. The company also has the right to change the validity of bonuses and promotions without prior warning.

10. The Company has the right to withdraw bonus or promotional funds and close the Trader’s Trading Account if the Company has reason to believe that the Client has violated the Agreement between the Trader and the Company in one way or another or abused the bonuses and promotions provided.

11. Taking part in the promotional or bonus program, the Trader automatically agrees that the Company has the right to use his name and / or image for any advertising purposes that do not contradict the current legislation. After crediting a bonus or promotional funds to the Client’s Trading Account, the Trader is not entitled to make any claims to the Company regarding the bonus or special offer provided.

12. This program is governed by applicable laws of the State of the Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines. Any disputes between the Trader and the Company fall under the jurisdiction of the respective supervisory and executive bodies of the State of the Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines.