Risk disclosure

1.General provisions.

1.1. This Warning notifies the Client of possible financial risks and related financial losses. In view of the variety of situations that arise in trading, this Warning cannot include a reference to all existing risks.

1.2. The client is strongly recommended to carefully study the “Education Center” section to confirm their competence before using the services of the Company.

1.3. By registering a Trading Account with the Company, the Client confirms his full awareness of the high-risk trading on Forex and CFD.

2.Risks caused by technical malfunctions.

2.1. Technical malfunctions include any energy malfunctions, malfunctions in the operation of communication lines, interruption of access to the company’s servers, malfunctions in the services that provide information on changes in the prices of trading instruments, etc.

2.2. The Company is not responsible for the financial losses of the Client caused by any technical malfunctions.

2.3. The Company is not responsible for the Client’s financial losses related to hardware failures, poor Internet signal quality, incorrect settings or untimely software updates on the Client’s side.

3. Risks caused by the volatility of trading instruments.

High volatility of a trading instrument (a significant change in the course of the day) automatically implies a high risk when using these instruments. By registering an account with the Company, the Client is aware of these risks and possible financial losses and expresses his agreement with them.

4. Risks associated with communication channels.

4.1. The Company is not responsible for any financial losses associated with non-receipt or untimely receipt of information by the Client. All messages sent to the Client are considered to be received and read.

4.2. The Company is not responsible for financial risks and other consequences arising from the violation of confidentiality of correspondence with the Company through the fault of the Client.

4.3. The Company is not liable for financial losses and other consequences caused by unauthorized access to the mailbox or the Trading Account of the Trader that occurred through his fault.

5. Risks related to force majeure.

5.1. Force majeure circumstances include natural disasters, terrorist acts, world and political crises, military operations and other force majeure circumstances.

5.2. Force majeure circumstances also include changes in the law – including restrictions and prohibitions established in the country of residence of the Trader.

5.3. The company is not responsible for the consequences of financial risks and losses associated with the influence of force majeure.