Trading Signals

On US stock exchanges

Trading signals in global markets. A service for customers who prefer to make trading decisions with the help of professionals. Using trading ideas from a team of analysts and traders in global markets, the investor gets the opportunity to formulate a flexible strategy, taking full advantage of the huge advantages of the American market.

The range of trust management and consulting solutions for wealthy people who want to place their funds in global financial markets.


You trust capital to professional managers and financial engineers with many years of experience in the financial markets.


You get professional expertise, as well as opportunities (strategies, deals and tools) that are usually available only to institutional investors.

Goals and strategies

In order to achieve your investment goal, you choose one of our management strategies. At the same time, you know exactly how they will manage your assets.


Management remuneration directly depends on the achievement of declared investment goals and on your income.


You control the changes in your investment portfolio. We provide you with official financial statements on management results.

Service Benefits:

  •  Operational advice from an asset management team in global markets.
  •  Personal service – the ability to develop an individual strategy on US exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS, CME, ISE and others);
  •  Full customer control over your account;
  •  Excellent rates combined with high reliability of the broker;
  •  Account insurance from $ 5000;

How it works

Advisory management is usually the help of a broker offering the services of its experienced professionals. Accordingly, if you are interested in receiving advice, but have not yet chosen a broker to open an investment account for trading on the stock exchange, you should give preference to large and most experienced companies such as Kredo Capital Group.

Our experts have impressive experience working with large exchanges, constantly monitor the situation in the markets, and also use several analysis methods and their own innovative approaches in money and risk management. Moreover, we have available not only regular mailing of investment ideas by e-mail, but also personal advice on US exchanges provided by phone.

An additional plus for you is that the consultation of the broker is always advisory in nature, that is, it does not force actions directly, but it clearly indicates the benefits that can be obtained at a particular point in time. At the same time, the trader always evaluates the feasibility of the transaction himself, managing his assets as he sees fit.